Enrollment Mapped by Home Location

The University of Minnesota Official Enrollment Home Location map shows student home location at the time of application as either a Minnesota county, US state, or country. For more detailed enrollment data, view the Official Enrollment Statistics.

Data Visualization Guide [PDF]

Notes & Data Sources:
  • Data Sources: University of Minnesota, DW Official Enrollment (STIX) tables; state and county population from the US Census Bureau Estimates website ; country population data from the US Census Bureau International Data Base (IDB).
  • Values used to create heat map are normalized by taking enrollment at a location for the selected term divided by the total population of the area for the selected term.
  • Non-US citizens are displayed by the student’s citizenship country instead of home location.
  • The country map excludes students from the United States and the states map excludes students from Minnesota.
  • Country, state, and county population data has not been updated since 2013.