Official New Entering Freshman Graduation / Retention

Our New Entering Student Graduation and Retention rate data is available by student entry year since 2001 in customizable graduation/retention periods from one to ten years. Reports from Fall 2010 to Fall 1992 are available on our historical data page.

View the data load table for details on the scheduled updating and staff contact for these data.

Data Visualization Guide [PDF]

Notes & Data Sources:
  • Data Source: University of Minnesota, Annual DWSA ir_retngrad tables.
  • This report only includes undergraduate new high school students (NHS). Transfer students are not included.
  • All status values--graduated, enrolled, and not enrolled--are mutually exclusive.
  • The NHS cohorts used in this report represent first-time/full-time new entering freshmen as defined by each campus. For the Twin Cities, Duluth, Morris, and Rochester, these definitions match those used for official IPEDS reporting which exclude students who completed any college level coursework after graduating from high school. For Crookston, the cohorts may include students who completed between 1 and 19 college-level semester credits after high school, but students who did not declare they were seeking a bachelor’s degree as of their entry term are excluded. Students who participated in the MN PSEO program are included for all campuses. In addition, zero credit remedial courses are used in determining full time status.
  • Graduation status values represent cumulative bachelor's degree recipients at the UM from the fall term of entry through the summer term of the selected grad/retention period. For example, if a student entered in fall 2006 and received a bachelor's degree any time from fall 2006 through summer 2010, they would be counted initially as graduated in the four years after entry table and for all subsequent years.
  • Enrollment status reflects enrollments as of the end of the 2nd week of the fall term immediately following the selected grad/retention period. For example, if a student entered in fall 2006 and had not received a degree through summer 2010 and was enrolled for classes in fall 2010, he or she would be counted as enrolled in the four years after entry table, indicating the student returned for the start of his or her fifth year.
  • There are a total of 110 students who transferred from the Rochester campus to the Twin Cities campus (93) or visa versa (17) who are represented in these tables as Enrolled Other Unit or Graduated Other Unit instead of Enrolled Other Campus or Graduated Other Campus.