About SERU

The SERU survey is administered to all University of Minnesota undergraduate students. The items provide a comprehensive snapshot of the student experience, tapping into diverse domains of interest to a variety of campus stakeholders. There are several items designed to gather information on academic and civic engagement, student learning and development, student services, and globalization.

Additionally, students respond to items that provide insight into how students use time, academic and personal development, campus climate for diversity, overall satisfaction, and evaluation of the major (if applicable). Since the survey asks students about their background, beliefs, motivations, and perspectives, in addition to insight into academic and co-curricular engagement (or disengagement), the diversity in responses provide the unique opportunity to explore the student experience through a variety of lenses.

There is also a customizable module available where colleges and universities can create items that reflect topics and issues of particular interest to them.SERU Survey Structure

Finally, SERU items were created to gather information about a specific college student population: Students who attend research institutions. Based on the unique context of research universities, a deliberate effort was made to capture the complexity of these institutions. Survey items are designed that allow for analysis not only at the institutional level, but also by college and even academic major. Since research universities are often complex organizations, the ability to identify specific areas within the institution can inform targeted self-improvement efforts, as well as provide evidence of quality at multifaceted levels.