Students and U Community

Your Impact

You take the time to tell us about your undergraduate experience at the University of Minnesota and we take your survey responses very seriously. In fact, the overall results of student surveys are shared across the University of Minnesota campus with students, faculty, and administrators.

Some examples of how student responses to SERU surveys has helped improve the student experience includes:

  • Colleges Better Understand the Student Experience in Major

Changes have been made in advising, course offerings, and requirements. Additionally, faculty and staff have used the data to learn more about student satisfaction and engagement in their colleges.

  • Gauging the Need and Impact of Campus Initiatives

Without your feedback, it is difficult to see the impact that initiatives designed to improve the student experience are working well, or not so well. We gauge the impact of student participation in opportunities the U of M offers, such as Writing Enriched Curriculum, Study Abroad, Community Service, and more.

  • Informing Faculty and Staff of Student Perceptions of Satisfaction with the U of M’s Education

Your college and academic department, as well as the university as a whole, has been interested in how satisfied you have been with various aspects of your college experience. Student satisfaction continues to be an important goal of the university, as well as to ensure that the costs associated with attending the U of M are aligned with your perceived quality of education.